Benga und ihre Welpen

Now look at Puppies !! ofJune 2008" Ich bin für jede Überraschung gut!!"

Meanwhile you know me, If all goes toplan my puppies will be born at 2.nd of July.
Mistress says it will be earlier for a few days. She calculates on Saturday evening or Sunday night. 
I slept restless the night and didn’t want to eat anything early in the morning.
But the morning- and lunch-walk were as usual. We went to the field and took a walk for a quater of hour .
At 5 p.a. I wanted to go into the garden several times and pawed into the earth. Mistress said, it will start now

But I waited for Iren. She came at 17.15. Now all my family except my master staid at home; I was ill and sicked something up;
Mistress said, I would not wait till Sunday, but it will due about 8 hours before starting
that was the first sign of beginning birth. Iren was at home and looked for me all the time.
Mistress wantet to go for a short shopping; she would be back in 1/2 hour.
But I didn’t want to wait such a long time and started; Iren got crazzy. At 17.45 my little daughter was born.
Dennis was sent to get mistress. At 18.00 o’clock mistress was at home. Now I felt ressured and
in the next two hours my two boys and two girls were born.
I took a little rest and kept them in suspense. I wantet to wait for my master.
At 21.15 and at 22.00 Uhr the last puppies were born ( two boys).
All phases of birth ( 8 till 24 hours are normal) were done in 4 1/2 hours.
That’s record or not ???

Benga 9.te Woche
Benga 9.te Woche Benga 9.te Woche

 My coat has a sily glimmer. Mistress brushes me with a soft brush; that seems to be a massage, which I like very much. June 2008  "Last Third"

 Now it will due about 2 weeks. To mistress opinion, in comparison with a “human pragnant”
to a “dog pragnant” at the eight week I should be up to the mark. 
The night walks are most beautiful. My mistres and my master are going with me to the park.
I race to the frisbee until my mistress says stop after 8-10 times, it is enough.
Why does she know that? As I want to rest at that time and need a little rest period.
The walks are no longer interesting at the morning, at lunchtime, late in the evening .
I don’t want to race after a ball or woodblock and to walk in front of my mistress with a dog leadfor all the time
that’s boring.
But if I am in the garden, that’s another situation, I want to play with ball,.
race after woodblock and I can do this for a long time!!
My mistress say there are “two bitches in me” at time.
My abdominal girth is growing, but you don’t see it because of my long coat. 
Karen does not see me for a week and she says my increase in weight is fantastic.

I increase ca 3 Kilo. That’s normal at this stage.
I would increase very much the last two weeks.

Benga 7.te Woche
Benga 7. Woche Benga 7.te Woche

I change my colour again. My coat seems to be golden in sunshine. My tail ist rust-colored; the sides behind are fauve and about my neck there is a rust-colored wreath. 

Benga 5.Woche Benga 5.te Woche
Benga 5.te Woche
Benga 5.te Woche

You will see, my dugs are gowing. Of course I am not a priss in the garden, there I am the old “Benga”,
I dash at every ball or rope - no matter at the high -. I change my colour
to beige, almost at my sides and paws. of May 2008 I’ll get Mum!!!! Hurra !!!!

Today I had to go to the vet. Some ultrasonics pictures were made
 The vet congratulated my mistress. As you see, the red point is the pulsation of heart.
 She detected some heart sounds.

schuessler1   schuessler2

schuessler3   schuessler4

At end my mistress asked about my anorexia and what she could do. No provision for my “Extra Wishes”
 as cooked chicken breast or other "Gourmetdinner" !!
 That’s not fair !! I thought, I would get an excellent dinner every day.
 I should stay slim in addition. The vet suggested much movement and long walks for the next time.
 I will show what to do with pregnant bitches, they have strange crawings; I don’t want to go for a walk. I knuckle down and stay.
 What does my mistress ?? She puts me into the car and drives to the field. Here are such beautiful smelling and I forgot,
 that I don’t want to go !!!


 The ultrasonics date is Monday , of May

© Schüssler, fuego del viento, 2007-2009

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