Last Update 10th of January 2014

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September 2013
Benga is greatmother from Branka El Fuego del Viento


September 2013
Benga got Luxembourg Champion

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22th. April 2013
Ringo ’s litter born 5 males 2 females


December 2012
Benga got Danish and Austria Champion
Ringo got Austria Champion


June 2012
Ringo got the FCI World Winner 2012 in Salzburg, Austria


May 2012
Baika got the breeder-licence in Dortmund


January 2012
Benga got the Netherland and Belgium Champion

linien_hunde02 November 2011
Ringo was on the Show Champion of Champion.
His photo will be in the Book COC of FCI
Ringo is FCI-Europian Winner 2011

linien_hunde02 September 2011
Ringo’s Litters were born

linien_hunde02 July 2011
Benga and Baika got their Champion Title of Kroatia
Benga the Beauty Champion
and Baika the Youth Beauty Champion July 2011
Ringo met his second love
We hope that many puppies will fill bringing up of Etoile a Dream of Bear’d

All Puppies found their families July 2011
Ringo was on World Dog Show in Paris
He got the second in Championclass

3_welpen 3_welpen 3_welpen 3_welpen January 2011
Ringo is father of seven babies

3_welpen 3_welpen 3_welpen 3_welpen May 2010
Benga got her babies


In 2010 Ringo got 6 Country-Championtitels.

He has the International Champion, German (VDH) Champion, Netherland Champion
Belgium Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Hungarian Championt, Bulgarian Champion

Ringo got several other Titles as:
Europasieger (VDH) 2010, Bundessieger(VDH) 2010,
 Brüssel Winner 2010, Amsterdam Winner 2010, Luxembourg Winner 2010

Benga got the Bulgarian Champion

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