Planing and Mating

29./ of April 2008 “Mating”

I can speak from conviction , You must have a 2 day vacation.
It was beautiful!!!!!!!
But one thing after another:
After 2 ½ hour of driving we arrive at Weinheim an.
First I should take a long walk, but I don’t want it.
We drive to family Wälz.
I am expected there with joyful barking
and it is a long time until the garden gate is opened .
In front of me there Chewbucca.


We met us in Hofgeismar last November
and last March at the general assembly.
He could not get enough of my good person
We jump against and are crazzy.
I go around Chewie ( I may call him so) .
 Is not he a very very good boy ??????


Chewie tries to get upon me,
but he cannot arrange it.
Our family discuss how to help us,
they plan a pause about 2 hours.
 I don’t agree , but I must do what they want.


At evening we drive to family Wälz again;
I know the way and the greeting with Chewie are wonderful.
 I want to play with Chewie first.
go around him and I betray him into doing something .
Then everything is getting in a good way....


My adrenalin is abaout 180
and I must play with a rope with my master.


Chewie is howling as a coyote after implementation.

der mit dem Wolf heult

It is a wonderful evening.
We fix for the next morning.
 I can await eagerly to see my Chewie again.
At 9.30 we are there again.
Great welcoming, to go around the garden.
Who do have a second Chance of “Weddingnight”  (or better day) ?????????

Zweiter Tag Aufreiten

We are hanging 15 !!!!!! Minutes -
somebody thinks, that’s a short time - ,
but for me, it was very, very long.
I have to get in my box, I don’t like it.
After 1 ½ hours I can get to Chewie again
and we have to talk a lot …….

Abschluss Fotosession

Chewie’s my mistress write the documents
 and I get a map of Chewie for some interests of puppies ????!!!!!! 
I don’t understand that, but mistress know what to do.

Chewbacca, mein erster Mann

The day should not ended
but we leave at lunch time
at direction to Dortmund.
But there were no better two days of vacation???????????

More pictures of our "Wedding" you will find (in German) My Wedding of April 2008

It seems to be a special day!!!!!!!
Mistress and master packs theirs bags, will we go to vacation ?????
More information in the near future ............ of April 2008

The weekend without my best days.
The next Progesterontest will be on Montag, of April . of April 2008

I have time to get to my best days of heat.
The next Progesterontest will be on Fryday, of April . of April 2008

The vet said everything o.k!!
First Progesteron Test was made. of April 2008

I surprise my herd and get my heat 3 weeks earlier as in plan !!
All plans are out. A new “Husband” must be found !!!

Winter - Spring 2008

The plan of my heat was at beginning of May.
mistress said, that’s timing,
as my “Betrothed” Como un Amigo del Somni Catala
will get his breeder licence at 3rd of May in Dortmund.
He could get to Veteranenstrasse afterwards.

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