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Bengas Pedigree

Benga’s Pedigree

Baikas Pedigree

Baika’s Pedigree

Benga and Baika

Multi Ch Bea de las Landas del Sur "Benga"
German Champion(VDH), NL Ch, A Ch
Lux Ch, DK Ch, HR Ch, BE Ch    
Bulg. Champion, German Vet Ch(VDH)
International Champion(FCI) , 
born :                31.07.2005
Zuchtbuchnummer :
                        VDH 05/0770403
Father :            Dschowos'Rico
Mother :           Turca de Campura
Breeder :         Caren Schünemann
Owner :            Angela Schüssler
HD :                   A1
Color :              fauve
Height :            51 cm
Weight :            20 KG


Baika el Fuego del Viento
born :                   28.05.2010
Zuchtbuchnummer :
                        VDH 10/0770869
Father :          Como un Amigo del
                       Somni Catala  
Mother :         Bea de las landas
                        del Sur
Breeder :         Angela Schüssler
Owner :          Angela Schüssler
HD :               
Color :             black
Height :            48 cm
Weight :           17 KG


Benga is a lively active dog with the typical traits of a Gos d'atura.
At home she is even-tempered and always ready to play.
 She gets along quite well when alone but really comes to life when someone wants to play.
She is very well adapted in her interaction with other dogs.
Friends are greeted with leaps of joy;
 strangers on the other hand are met first with caution,
but if a check of mimic and "doggy" signals is OK, then it's time to play


Benga with Cuni Benga with Cuni

When the family is working, she lays relaxed near by.

She engages people in a friendly manner but is somewhat reserved with strangers, this is typical of her breed.
She welcomes guests in our house but only after some initial "sniffing."


Benga Agility 1 Benga Agility 2

Benga at one of her favorite activities, hurdle jumping

We call Benga our 300% Powerpack.
Her favorite activities are agility, playing in her pack,
catching frisby and doing Trickdog or Dogdancing.

Benga Agility 5


This shot was clicked as she entered the tunnel


Benga Agility 7


Our wild-one


At this, she is untiring, eager and attentive

Like all herding dogs she needs to be given tasks.
This is done through sport and play, where concentration and attention are required.
Whether its searching for treats, playing fetch or learning new tricks, Benga is always motivated


Our bitch 5 Our bitch 3
our bitch 1 Our bitch 2

At 1 3/4 years of age she had already passed her ”Begleithundeprüfung(VDH)”
Obedience training is still very much part of her daily routine


Catching a frisbee and retriving a rope are some of her favorite activities and this at four years of age.


IMG_1366_ 400 IMG_1672_400

To say "our lady runs very fast" would be an understatement. She can also listen quietly and attentively / while observing what her pack is doing.


© Schüssler, fuego del viento, 2007-2014

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